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Sun, Dec 15, 2013 10:16 PM


How do I perform an order search for a particular product?

Sometimes, you may want to search for your orders that contain a specific product. Unfortunately, this specificity is not included in our advanced search GUI, but you can alter your store's URL to perform this function.

1.) Log into your store's control panel.
2.) Copy the highlighted portion below, and paste it after your control panel URL, so it looks like the below picture.



If you have an SSL certificate, the URL would look slightly different, with your store's URL taking the place of the * URL.

Your Secure URL for the control panel:

If you have your own SSL then it would be:

3.) Type in your product's name after the "=". PLEASE NOTE: The product name is case sensitive; you must include any and all capitalization and punctuation in the product name.

4.) The next step is to replace the space in your product name with a "+" symbol.

4.) Once you go to the URL (by hitting Enter or Go, etc.) after typing in the completed URL, your Orders page will only pull up the orders that have the specified product in them.

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