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Sat, Dec 14, 2013 10:55 PM


How do I move products from one category to another?

The product import / export feature is a powerful tool that can be utilized for many purposes. One of these is reassigning categories to your products. The instructions below will step you through the entire process.

  1. In your store's control panel, navigate to Products > Products Categories.


  2. Expand the categories if you are looking for a specific subcategory. Once you've located the row for your category or subcategory, notice the column to the far right labeled “Action.” There are four links corresponding to every category or subcategory; click on the 'Products' link.


  3. You will now see a list of all products in the selected category. To export them, click on the “Choose an Action” drop-down menu. Select “Export these Products” and click the “Go” button.


  4. Select the “bulk edit” template and click continue.


    Follow the prompts to generate and download the CSV file.


  5. Once the file is saved, open it in a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office. The “Category” column the shows the current category or category tree for your products. Replace the existing category or category tree with the new category or category tree you wish to move it to. Assuming you are moving all products to the same category (and that category only), you can save time by simply copying the contents of the first cell for the rest of the category column.




    Note: If you are trying to move products to multiple categories or category trees, use the semicolon (;) as a separating character. Parent and child categories in a category tree are separated by a forward slash (/). Do no use spaces between separating characters such as the semicolon or forward slash as it is considered a unique character. For example, if “Music/Vinyl” is not the same as “Music / Vinyl”. The former will place the product in the category “Vinyl” which is a subcategory of “Music”. The latter will create a new category “Music “ (with a space at the end) and create a subcategory “ Vinyl” (with a space at the beginning.

  6. Once you are done editing your the file, save it. Go back to your store's control panel and navigate to Products > Import Products. Check the “Yes, I exported this file using the 'Bulk Edit' template” check-box. Click the browse button, select the CSV files you just saved and click next.


  7. The data fields for your file are auto-mapped as the “bulk edit” check-box was checked in the previous step. Click next and then click “Start Import” on the page the follows.





Your products are now reassigned to the new category selection(s) specified in your spreadsheet.

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