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Sat, Dec 7, 2013 10:02 PM


How do I manage currency settings?

In Bigcommerce, it is possible to set up more than one currency to use in your store. If you have multiple currencies enabled, a currency converter will display on your store that will allow your customers to choose among the currencies you have setup.

1. Go to Setup & Tools › Set up your store › Currencies.

2. To add a new currency to your store's list of supported currencies, click the Add a currency button. To edit an existing currency, click the Action wheel and choose Edit.

Add a currency button

Edit currency button

3. Fill out the Currency Details section as follows:

  • Currency Name - The title of the currency. E.g. "Dollar" or "Euro".
  • Currency Country/Region - The country (or region, in the case of the EU) that the currency will be associated with.
  • Currency Code - The currency's three-letter ISO 4217 code. To find your ISO or currency code, click here.
  • Exchange Rate
    • Enter the exchange rate manually in the box below - select this to specify a static exchange rate against your default currency. This option is not recommended due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rates.
    • Get currency exchange rate from Bigcommerce Currency Service (recommended) - select this, then clickGet Rate to use the exchange rate as determined by the Bigcommerce Currency Service. This rate is automatically updated approximately once an hour.
  • Enabled? - Check the box for the currency to be enabled in your store.

If you are using the Bigcommerce Currency Service to update your exchange rates, it isextremely important that you enter the currency code correctly, as the exchange rate service uses this code to provide you with the current exchange rate.

Currency Details section

4. Fill out the Currency Display section as follows:

  • Currency location - Whether the currency token should display on the left (e.g. $10) or right (e.g. 10$) of the price.
  • Currency token: - The symbol or word for the currency (e.g. $ or kr. By default, no spaces are added between the token and the price, so add them here if necessary. E.g. " dollars" would display "10 dollars".
  • Decimal token - The symbol that indicates a decimal point. E.g. "." as in "$1.99"
  • Thousands token: The symbol that denotes groups of thousands. E.g. "," as in "$1,000"
  • Decimal places: The number of decimal places that display for prices in this currency. Usually 2, as in "$1.99"
Your new currency in your control panel

5. Save your changes.

Your currency will now be displayed on the Currencies page in your control panel.

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