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Tue, Apr 15, 2014 10:18 PM


How do I make my store's content member-only?

If you require your customers to login to your store to view its content, this feature is available within BigCommerce.  There are two main steps: creating a category to assign to the restricted customer group, and creating the two customer groups.


Create the Non-Account Category
First, you'll need to setup a category that basically displays the message for your non-account customers that they need to create an account.

1.) Login to your store's Control Panel.
2.) Click on Products and then Product Categories.


3.) Now, click on the Create a Category button.


4.) Name the Category something instructive to your customers. I named mine Please Create an Account.
5.) Write a description for your category. This will basically be the instructions to your customers so that they know why they are not seeing any content should they click on this category.

(Click to view larger)

6.) You may also wish to link to the Create an Account page.

(Click to view larger)

7.) Click Save & Exit.


Creating the Customer Groups
Now, you'll need to setup your customer groups.  You'll need at least two: one without any permissions, and one with all the permissions.

1.) In your store, click on Customers, and then Customer Groups.


2.) Then, click on Create a Customer Group.


3.) Name the group what you wish.  For these testing purposes, I named mine "No Access."
4.) Uncheck the box next to Customers in this group can see products in all categories, and make sure no categories other than the one you just created are selected.
5.) Check the box next to All new customers should be added to this group.

(Click to view larger)

6.) Click Save.
7.) Click the Create a Customer Group button again to create the group that will have permissions.
8.) Name this customer group something so that you'll know this group does have access.  I named mine "Access."
9.) Uncheck the box next to Customers in this group can see products in all categories, and check all the categories you wish your customers to be able to see once logged in.  Make sure you open up the parent categories to choose the subcategories.
10.) Make sure that All new customers should be added to this group is unchecked.

(Click to view larger)

11.) Click Save.


Now, the front page of your store will have no content until your customers sign in with their account. At this point, you have multiple options to notify customers just coming to your store that they need to login. The category you created is a first step, and you have different avenues available to you. You could create a banner to tell customers they need to sign in. You could also create a custom homepage that displays that content. Here's a couple things to remember once you restrict your site from your customers, however.

- You can hide the original category we created so that the category menu doesn't show up at all for customers who are not logged into your store. (Click the green checkmark to a red x on the categories list in your Control Panel.)

- New categories are not automatically shown to your "Access" group. You must go back and add these to your customer groups whenever you add new categories.

- If you wish to restrict the web pages of your store as well, you can find this at the bottom of the page when you are editing the webpage. (Check the box next to Yes, only allow customers who've logged in to view this page.)

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