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Tue, Oct 1, 2013 11:49 AM


How do I import images when importing products?

When importing products into your store from the Products -> Import Products page, you can specify which field in your CSV file contains details about the product's image. Product images can be imported in two ways:

By specifying the full HTTP path to the image in your CSV file, such as
By first uploading all images for your products into the product_images/import/ folder on the remote drive of your store. (if there is not an import folder inside the product_images folder, you can create one), and then specifying just the filename of the image in your CSV file, such as widget_blue.jpg
Thumbnail images will be generated and saved automatically.

Here's a sample CSV file screenshot with both of the methods depicted. The extra columns between the two fields were cut out for display purposes only.

Our system is case sensitive, so please make sure your images' filenames (including the extension) are exactly as you have them in your remote drive. Also, try to keep the characters in your images' filenames restricted to a-z, 0-9, - and _. Any other special characters (including spaces) will cause issues in our system.

And here's a video to help walk you through the entire process:

To upload more than one image at a time for a picture, simply create a new column with a heading of "Product Image File - #" increasing the number each time you make a new column. If you want to include any of the other information for that image (description, etc.) make a new column with the appropriate heading (see your export for an example) and increase the number attached to it.

One thing of note is that if you are uploading multiple pictures for a product, they need not come from the same type of source. You can have some pictures from within your import directory and some from an outside URL. The thing that will stay constant is that those images will get pulled from wherever you sourced them, and copied into the hierarchy of your product_images directory.

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