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Fri, Jan 31, 2014 4:38 PM


How do I export Product SKUs?

This tutorial will cover how to Export your SKUs to manage inventory. To reach this area, first navigate to Products -> Export Product SKUs in your Control Panel. products-export_skus2013-05-19_1305.png

Export Options
There are several options you can change upon exporting your SKUs.


1.) Template Here you can choose which export template you would like to use. By default, Bigcommerce has built in a SKU Inventory Management template for you.
2.) File Format You can export your SKUs in a CSVformat or XML. Most users will want to choose a CSV format for editing within Excel or a similar spreadsheet program.

3.) Save for Later Download Check the box that reads Save export to the server for later download? if you do not want to download the file immediately. The file will instead be placed on your server in the exports folder.

Export Preview
The Export Preview tab will provide a preview of the items to be included in your export. The built in SKU Inventory Management will include SKU, UPC, and Stock Level, all where applicable.

Completing Your Export
Once you have selected the options that best suit your needs, and previewed the export (if necessary), you can click continue.


1.) Export Prompt You should receive a modal pop-up window with a link to export your SKUs. Click the link to continue. export2013-05-19_1314.png

2.) Download Unless you have chosen the Save export to server for later download? box we reviewed above, you will get a prompt to Download my SKUs file. Click the link to begin your download.


3.) Open File Open your file and you should see your SKUs and inventory presented as columnar data for you to use as needed.


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