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Sun, Jun 1, 2014 9:58 PM


How do I export my newsletter subscribers?

Exporting Your Subscribers

Some users choose to simply export their newsletter subscribers for use with an alternate third-party program, or in order to manipulate the data before importing into one of the above integrations.

1.) To find these settings, simply login to your Bigcommerce Control Panel and click on Marketing -> E-mail Marketing.


2.) Here, you'll find the four options to directly integrate with an E-mail Marketing provider. If you choose to do this, your subscriber information will be sent directly to that provider based on the rules you setup in this area. The specifics of these setups will be covered in the tutorials referenced above.


3.) We are not going to integrate with those providers so the information for our subscribers is collected is collected internally and can be managed under the Export only tab.


4.) Once you have subscribers, you'll be able to download them to a CSV by clicking the Download to CSV file link.


5.) Alternatively, if you would like to delete subscribers and start fresh, you can choose the delete all subscribers link.


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