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Sun, Dec 1, 2013 11:33 PM


How do I enable UPS as my shipping provider?

How to Set Up UPS Ready 1. Click on Set up shipping charges in your specified zone.

2. Scroll down to Realtime Shipping Quotes and toggle the On Switch for UPS Ready.

3. Click on, Yes I Do Agree.

4. Fill out your company's address details.

5. Fill out the contact details.

6. If you have an existing UPS account, add it here. If not, skip this section.

7. If added your existing UPS address, fill out this information to validate your account.

8.Then, click Save.

How to Set Up UPS 1.) Store Address: If you haven't already, enter your store's address and click Save.


2.) Shipping Zones: Navigate to the Shipping Zones tab and find the zone to which you want to add the UPS method. Under Action, choose Edit Methods.



3.) Add Method: On the Shipping Methods tab, choose Add a Shipping Method.


4.) Shipping Method Settings: Select UPS from the list provided. Once selected, you may also change the display name if you choose.


5.) UPS Settings: Scroll down and you will find several different options:

  • Delivery Types: Choose your appropriate delivery type options (i.e Ground, Next Day Air, etc) that you want to be available for customers to choose from.
  • deliverytypes2013-07-11_1846png

  • Packaging Type: Choose between various UPS-supplied packaging types (i.e. UPS Express Box, UPS Letter Envelope, etc) or if you plan on packaging items in your own boxes, choose Customer Packaging.
  • packaging2013-07-11_1828png

  • Shipping Rate: Choose between various rate types (i.e. Regular Daily Pickup, Customer Counter, etc).
  • shippingrate2013-07-11_1829png

  • Destination Type: Choose whether the destination type will be Residental or Commercial.
  • destination2013-07-11_1853png

Save and that's it! Your store is now setup to ship using UPS for this zone to which you added this method. You can repeat the process with other zones as necessary.


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