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Thu, Oct 3, 2013 8:32 PM


How do I edit my store's template files?

What We'll Cover

  • Editing your Template Files using your Template Files Listing

  • Editing your Template Files using Design Mode

  • Editing your Template Files using Webdav

  • Editing your Template Files using your Template Files Listing

    1. Login to your Bigcommerce control panel and click Design.

    2. Click the More tab and then click on Template Files.

    3. Now you will see a full listing of your template files.

    4. To edit a file, click on Action and select Edit.

    5. From here you can edit the files directly in your browser. Once you’ve made your changes, be sure to click the Save button. Edit template file

    The Template Files tab allows you to easily see which template files have been updated from the original Bigcommerce template, and when they were last updated. Edited files are highlighted in a tan color. Click on Action and select Compare to quickly view the differences between the original file and its current version.

    Editing your Template Files using Design Mode

    1. Log into your Bigcommerce control panel and click Design.

    2. Click on More and then Design Mode.

    3. Click on the Open My Store in Design Mode button.

    4. A new browser window will open with your Design Mode toolbar at the top. Design Mode is activated when the “Toggle” button in your Design Mode toolbar is highlighted in orange. If your “Toggle” button is not highlighted in orange, click on it to activate it.

    5. In order to view and edit your template files in Design mode, simply navigate to the page you want to edit and right-click on the page or the specific element of the page that you’d like to edit. A Design Mode menu will now display. Select Edit Layout to open the template file for the page you are viewing in the editor.

    6. From here you can edit your files and save them. Once saved, refresh the store page to view your changes. 2013-09-26_1229.png

    More information on Design Mode is available here

    Editing your Template Files using Webdav

    1. Through Webdav, you can view your template files in a folder as well as copy them to your desktop to make edits and then easily replace the existing files. To do this, first, connect to your store using Webdav.

    2. Navigate to the Template Files folder and open it.

    3. If this is your first time editing your Template Files in Webdav, you will need to transfer your existing Template files into Webdav. To do this, log into your control panel and click on Design.Design

    4. Click on the Download Template Files button to download your files to your computer as a ZIP file. 2013-09-26_1234.png

    5. Extract the file to your computer and copy them into your store's template folder.

    6. To edit template files, first, copy the files you want to edit to your desktop. From here you can edit them using a text editor or another editing tool.

    7. Once you’ve saved the file, copy and paste the new file back into your folder. Your Webdav program may ask you to confirm if you want to overwrite the existing template file with that same name. If so, confirm that you would like to overwrite the existing file.

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