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Sat, Dec 7, 2013 7:02 PM


How do I delete product categories?

BigCommerce comes with several product categories already installed to go along with the sample products. To delete these categories (or any others), simply follow the instructions below.


How do I delete a category
1.) Login to your store's control panel.
2.) Click on Products and then Product Categories


3.) Now, check the box next to the category or categories you wish to delete. (If you select a parent category and delete it, the subcategories attached to that category will also be deleted.)


4.) Once you have all of your categories selected that you wish to delete, choose Delete Selected from the Actions Dropdown box, and click Go.


5.) A pop-up window will display asking you what to do with the products you have assigned to the category or categories. (If you have no products assigned to the category, it will simply ask you to confirm the deletion.) You can then reassign these products to another category, or delete them completely from the system.
6.) When you have decided what to do with the products, click Continue.


7.) The window will now confirm what will happen when you delete the categories. Complete the process by click on the Delete selected categories button.


8.) Once the deletion completes, you will see a confirmation message and your remaining categories (if any).


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