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Sat, Dec 7, 2013 9:22 PM


How do I create and bulk import 301 redirects with BigCommerce?

This topic will be for customers opening a new store with Homestead and moving from another ecommerce platform. Existing customer with a Prostores Storefront will have the 301 redirects automatically done.

1.) Login to your store's Control Panel.

2.) Click on Setup and Tools and then 301 Redirects.


3.) On this page, a list of your current 301 redirects will be displayed. To bulk-import a bunch of 301 redirects, click on bulk import.  


4.) Upload your CSV file and then click import. 


5.) To add a single redirect, click on add redirect. 


4.) A new line will appear. Type in the old URL for your store. You may either put in the full address, or just the portion after your domain name, should your domain names be the same.


5.) Click Save and your URL will appear in the left column.? Then, choose the type of link you wish to use: manual or dynamic.? A manual link will not take into account any changes you make on your store, and you may need to edit the 301 redirect if you ever make any changes to your URL structure.? A dynamic link will automatically update whenever you make changes to your URL structures.

For a manual link, simply type in the new URL for that product/category/page/etc.? This time, you only need to put in the portion after your domain name.? Click the Save button.


7.) For a dynamic link, first change the redirect type.


8.) Click on the link that says,  Click here to choose a product, category, brand or webpage. A new page will appear.



9.) Your dynamic link will now be created. Now, any link to the old URL will automatically be re-routed to your new URL.

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