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How do I create a Coupon Code for my Customers?

Creating a Coupon

1.) Navigate to Marketing -> View Coupon Codes.

2.) Select Create a Coupon Code.

Coupon Details

1.) Enter a Coupon Code. This is what customers will use to apply the discount to their order.

2.) Enter a Coupon Name. This is for internal use of store administrators to help identify the coupon code.

3.) Choose a Discount Type. Select from Dollar amount off Order Total, Dollar amount off each item, Percentage off each item, Dollar amount off shipping, and Free Shipping.

4.) Select the Discount Amount(if applicable).

5.) Select a Minimum Purchase(optional) amount. This limits what orders the coupon can be applied to based on the cost of the products in the order.

6.) Number of Uses(optional): Limit the total number of uses or uses per customer.

7.) Enabled: Select if you would like the coupon to be enabled immediately.

8.) Set an Expiry Date(optional) for the coupon code as necessary.

Select what Categories or Products the coupon will apply to

1.) Select categories or products.

Note:If a product is inside of any category selected here, the coupon will apply to the product. The product does not need to be in all of the selected categories for the code to be applicable.

Advanced Settings

1.) Select the Advanced tab at the top of the page.

2.) Limit by Location(optional)

3.) Limit by Shipping Method(optional).

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