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Tue, Oct 1, 2013 11:27 AM


How do I bulk update rules for my product's options?

When you have a product associated with a product option, you have the ability to set up rules for those products to change their price, weight, etc. If you wish to bulk update these rules, you will need to export your products to a CSV, change the rules, and then import the products.

For this example, we'll choose a product that has rules for price and some weight changes.

1.) First, export your product(s).

2.) With the CSV file, find the product(s) that you want to edit. For this example, some of the columns have been deleted so that the relevant columns for this operation are closer together. You will want to keep all your columns to ensure that the required fields are present for when you import your file again.

3.) Each rule has its own line in the CSV file, and the price changes and weight changes are written in their respective columns. To change any of the information, simply change the text in these fields.

4.) For instance, let's change the Hardcover option to be $29.99 instead of $24.99, and its weight to 1.25 lbs:

5.) When you are done making changes to your rules, save the file under a new filename. This will keep the old version of your CSV intact so that if something happens, you can simply import the old version and start over.

6.) In your control panel, go to Products and then Import Products.

7.) Check the box next to Yes, I exported this using the 'Bulk Edit' template and click Browse (or Choose) and find your file.
8.) Click Next.

9.) Verify the fields have been linked correctly and click Next.

10.) Click Start Import.

11.) Your products will now be updated, and you can view your change(s):

Please note that if you are attempting to bulk update products with texture swatches, the process is a bit more complicated. You will actually need to find the image path of those swatch pictures and call them out completely in the CSV file for them to update correctly. It is generally recommended that if you use texture swatches and need to update the rules associated with them, that you do this action in your control panel rather than through the CSV.

If you are wanting to change the picture associated with each option (the "show a different image"), using the instructions from this article, and placing the URL/filename on the line for the rule will work.

Also, please note that this example is a basic one, and the technique can be used for many types of products/rules and more than one at a time. You can also change the rules or add new ones.

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