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Wed, Sep 25, 2013 12:40 AM


How do I add products to my Storefront?

If you are just getting started, the easiest way to add products to your store is by adding them one-by-one through the Control Panel. Once you're comfortable with this workflow, you might want to check out how to import products using a CSV to add multiple products at a time. But first, let’s start adding some products manually!

Adding a Product (basic details)
Adding Photos/Videos
View our New Product!

Adding a Product (basic details)

1. Click Products then Add a Product.

2. Start by typing in the Name of your product.

3. Now we'll put in the Price we'll be selling it for.

4. Let's check out the More pricing link next. Clicking here gives you a few new options:

  • Cost Price: This is never shown to customers, but will help you calculate profit

  • Retail Price: On some templates this is shown as the strike-through price, showing that your product is cheaper than the Retail price

  • Sale Price: This can be used to place your product on sale and is shown on some templates as the strike-through price

  • Tax Class: This allows you to select what Tax Class a product belongs to. Let's leave this as Default Tax Class for now until we've gone over Taxes in another article.

5. Next, you will need to assign the product to a category. (Remember, you can assign a product to multiple categories if you like. Also, if the Category that you want does not yet exist, you can click Create new to add it.)

6. Now we can specify if our product is a Physical product (one that will be shipped to our customers) or a Downloadable product (one they can download from our website, such as a song or ebook)

7. After that is the Weight.

Make sure you try to put an accurate weight for your product, as this will be used to calculate the shipping price for any of your live shipping methods such as UPS, USPS, Canada Post, etc. If you put a weight of 0 then these live methods will not be able to generate a shipping quote for your customers when they attempt to purchase your product.

8. Wrapping up our Summary section is the Product code/SKU. This field is optional, but if you have a lot of products it can really help you keep track of inventory and fulfill orders quicker.

9. Our next section is the Description. This field is technically optional, but who would want to purchase a product with no description? Make sure you fill this out with accurate details about your product that will really make your customers want to purchase.

10. This brings us to our Shipping section. This section is also optional. Remember, anything you select here will overrride any settings you set up for your shipping later. I would recommend reading up on our shipping settings before you decide to utilize the Free shipping or Fixed shipping cost fields.

11. Finishing up the Details section are our Availability options. Here, you can specify whether your product is ready to be purchased now, if you are only taking pre-orders, or if your product is not available for purchase. If you choose Pre-orders only, you can specify the expected date of release for your item. Similarly, choosing cannot be purchased will show your product as a "catalog" item and will allow you to specify a "call for pricing" message.

Adding Photos/Videos

13. Next, you'll probably want to add an image to represent your product. To do this, click on the Images/Video tab.

14. Here you will see an image uploader. There are 4 ways to upload an image:

  • Drag and drop the image into the striped area.

  • Click on the Select images from your computer link to choose an image from your computer.

  • Click the Upload images from the web button to insert a image URL.

  • Click Choose images from your gallery to select an image from Website Content > Image Manager. Images will only show here if you have upload images to the image manager.

After you have used one of these methods, you will see the image appear below the upload area. Feel free to upload more than one image. Just use the “Use as Thumbnail?” option to select which image you want the main thumbnail to be.

15. The product description is also known as the “ALT” tag for the image (optional).

16. Congratulations! You have filled out all the basic information in order to create a new product in your store. Be sure to click Save & Exit!

If you're done editing your product you can click the down arrow next to Save and choose Exit. This will save your product and Exit the Edit a Product screen. You can also choose Duplicate to save and create another product with all the same information, or Add another to save and start adding a new blank product.

View our New Product!

You will now see your new product under Products > View Products as well as on your Storefront.

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