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Sun, Dec 8, 2013 7:01 PM


How do I add Google Translate to my store?

Please note that while we offer this tutorial and it is tested and working at the time of creation, any customization of or support for these types of articles is outside of our scope of support. If you require assistance with any design or customization, we recommend that you either visit our community forums or contact one of our fantastic design consultants

Creating your Google Translate Plugin.
1.)Visit the Google Translate site.
2.) Click on Add to your website now.


3.) Enter your store's URL (no http:// necessary) and choose your main site language, if other than English. 


4.) Click Next >>

5.) Choose your plugin settings. You can set specific languages or use the default all languages, or set your display mode. Dropdown only is typically preferred.


6.) Click Get Code >>.

7.) You should see two pieces of code generated for you, much like below. We will use this code in the next section so you will want to keep the window open or copy this down.


Installing your Plugin.
1.) In your Bigcommerce Control Panel, click Design.


2.) Find the Template Files tab.


3.) Scroll to the Panels folder and click the plus sign to expand.


4.) Find your HTMLHead.html file and click edit.


5.) Back on your Google Translate page, copy the first section of code provided for you.


6.) Paste the contents of your clipboard prior to the closing head tag in your HTMLHead.html file.

7.) Click Save in the top right.

8.) Back in the Panels section of your Bigcommerce Control Panel, find the Header.html file and click edit.


9.) Switch back to your Google Translate page and copy the section section of code provided for you.


10.) Paste the contents of your clipboard below the Header div in your Header.html file.

*Please note that I am pasting this above my logo in this example. You can change location as necessary.


11.) Click Save.

That's it! Now you will see a Google Translate dropdown at the top of your site for users.




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