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Sun, Oct 6, 2013 10:31 PM


How do I add Google Adwords Conversion Tracking?

If you are using Google Adwords campaigns, you may want to be tracking your conversions to best optimize your campaigns and track your return on investment. Google makes this easy with their built-in tracking code, and Bigcommerce makes it simple to implement in the Control Panel! If you don't yet have a Google Adwords account, but would like to create one, you can do so at

1.) Login to your Adwords account.
2.) Click on Tools and Analysis -> Conversions.


3.) Now, click on the + Conversion button.


4.) You can name the conversion whatever you would like. In this instance, I'm naming mine "Order Placed." You will want to keep source set to Webpage.

5.) Click Save and continue.

6.) Choose a Conversion category of Purchase/Sale and leave the Conversion value blank (we will add this dynamically to the code). I've chosen Don't add a notification to the code generated for my page because I will place my notification in my Privacy Policy - however, it is up to you whether or not to include a notification.


7.) Click Save and continue.

8.) Chooose I make changes to the code.


9.)Copy the code that is generated. It should look like the code below, though the conversion ID and conversion label will be unique to your account.


10.) Login to your Bigcommerce Control Panel.
11.) Click on Settings -> Conversions.


12.) Paste your conversion code into the box provided.

13.) Modify var google_conversion_value = 0; to read var google_conversion_value = %%ORDER_AMOUNT%%; and add ?value=%%ORDER_AMOUNT%%& prior to label= already provided in the URL, as seen below.


14.) The result should read like the code below - again, the conversion ID and conversion label will be unique to your account.

<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
var google_conversion_id = 123456789;
var google_conversion_language = "en";
var google_conversion_format = "2";
var google_conversion_color = "ffffff";
var google_conversion_label = "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA";
var google_conversion_value = %%ORDER_AMOUNT%%;
/* ]]> */
<script type="text/javascript"
<div style="display:inline;">
<img height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" alt=""src="//;

15.) Click Save, and you're done!



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