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Sun, Oct 6, 2013 6:25 PM


How do I add and link to a PDF in my store?

Upload the PDF with WebDAV 1. Connect to your store through WebDAV. (If you have not connected to WebDAV before, check out this article.)

2. Double-click on the Content folder.


3. Drag and drop your file into the content folder. (You may need to re-enter your password)


4. You're halfway done! Take note of the file name, since you will need it for the next step.

Link to the PDF 1. In the Bigcommerce control panel, edit the product page or webpage that you are adding the link to.

2. In the Page Content or Description editor, highlight the text that your visitors will click on to get to the PDF. Then click the Link icon in the toolbar above.


3. In the Insert/Edit link pop-up, go to the field next to Link URL. Enter the URL as/content/FileName.pdf (replacing FileName.pdf with your actual file name). This is case-sensitive, so make sure you have all capitalization exactly as it is in the file you uploaded into the content folder.


4. Click Insert when finished. Your text in the Page Content or Description editor will now be blue and underlined.


If you need to edit your link, click on the blue underlined text then click on the Link iconagain.

5. Save the webpage or product page you are working on.

Link to the PDF with HTML To link to your file with HTML, you can use the following code

<a href="/content/FileName.pdf">text you want your visitors to click on</a> Remember to replace FileName.pdf with your actual file name. This is case-sensitive.

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