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Sat, Dec 7, 2013 10:04 PM


How do I add a manual order with BigCommerce?

In addition to the main function of your BigCommerce store, which allows your customers to place orders online, you may also wish to take orders over the phone or in your brick & mortar store, and enter them into your BigCommerce store for record-keeping or to access your payment gateway. This can easily be done by adding a manual order through the control panel as shown below.
Video Overview

Watch a video demonstrating the full process of importing a manual order below. 

1.) Login to your BigCommerce control panel. 2.) Click on Orders and then Add an Order.

3.) From here, you can choose whether it is a previous customer, or adding a new one. You may also choose whether or not to save the information for the customer. In this example, we'll creat an account for the so that they can easily order from your store again.

4.) In addition to the e-mail address and password (if you are creating an account), you also need to enter the customer's billing address. 5.) Then, click Next.

6.) Now you can add the products the customer wishes to order. You can add products already available in your store, or custom products created specifically for this order. 7.) When finished click Next.


8.) Now you will have the option to choose the customer's shipping address. You can choose the billing address specified, a new shipping address, or a new "multiple address." 
This image illustrates the second option:shipping_new_address_hl_resize.png
The third option, shown below, enables you to choose another destination to ship the order to.
new_destination_shipping_resize.png 9.) Then, click Next. 10.) You will now be able to choose the payment method for the order. In this area you can also apply a discount code, coupon, or gift certificate. Notes and comments can be added to the order in the box at the bottom. After clicking on "Save and Process Payment," the order will be complete. 

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