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Sat, Jun 7, 2014 3:54 PM

How do I add a "Contact Us" form to my store?

A contact form is a great way to help customers get in touch with you. Bigcommerce provides a basic built-in contact form in the Web Content area, but if you're looking for something a little fancier, check out the amazing 3rd party forms listed at the bottom of this article.

Built-in Contact Form

1. Go to Web Content › Web Pages, and click Create a Web Page.

Create a Web Page button in Web Content

2. For This Page Will, select Allow people to send questions/comments via a contact form.

Contact form is selected

3. Enter the Page NameFor example, Contact Us

Page Name

4. Add any information, message, or pictures you'd like to include in the Page Content section. The Page Content section has the same functionality as the WYSIWYG Editor in your product pages.

A page name URL and some basic information in the page content area

5. In Email Questions to, enter only one email addressThe contact form can only be sent to one email address by Bigcommerce, but you can set up an email filter if you need it sent to additional email addresses.

Email Questions To containing a single email address

6. Under Show These Fields, click on each field you want to appear on your contact form. These can be updated whenever you like.

Show these fields

7. Select your preferred Navigation Menu and Advanced options.

8. Save & Exit when you are finished.

Third-party contact forms

You may wish to add custom fields or other features to the contact form. In this case, we recommend using a custom form builder and embedding it into your page.

1. Using a custom form builder, create your form and copy the Embed code.

2. In the Bigcommerce control panel, go to Web Content › Web Pages, and click Create a Web Page.

Create a Web Page button in Web Content

3. For This Page Will, select Contain content created using the WYSIWYG editor below.

Regular webpage is selected

4. Enter your Page NameFor example, Contact Us.

Page Name

5. Click the HTML Button in the far right on the Page Content toolbar.

HTML button in the WYSIWYG toolbar

From here you will need to add the embed code that you will get from your form provider.

Recommended custom form builders

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