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Sun, Dec 8, 2013 4:32 PM


How do I Access and Modify my Template Files?

1.) Navigate to Design in your control panel. template-files-design.png

2.) Select the Template Files tab. template-files-tab.png

Template Files Information
File Name: The template file name shows which files you are able to access and edit. template-files-file-name.png

File Size: The actual size in KiloBytes for each file. template-files-file-size.png

Last Updated: The date and time when the file was last edited. template-files-last-updated.png

Action: From this menu you can Edit and Compare/Revert if the file has been modified from it's original state. template-files-action.png

Editing the Template Files
From the edit screen of your template files, you will find the main commands for the file in the upper left. These include Save, Close, Close & Refresh, Toggle Editor, and Recent Files. template-files-edit-controls.png

Files used by this template: A list of all Snippets and Panel used inside of the file you currently have opened.


File Contents: On the right side of your screen you will find the actual editor to modify the contents of your template files. In addition, you also have a Revert to Original button in the upper right. This button will revert the file to it's ORIGINAL state, not the previously modified version. template-files-file-contents.png

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