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Fri, Mar 14, 2014 9:34 PM


How do I access and install the new single click apps within my Bigcommerce store control panel?

Hello Homestead,

I'm member of Homestead for 11 years. I'm in storefront with BigCommerce. I'm paid $59.99 a month for Homestead. My price is equal to BigCommerce's Gold Package is $79.00 a month, just discount due reduce my storage is 10 gb.

I hope that you give me an answer to this questions. I suppose to have Single-Click Apps into my control panel, just like I am in Gold package as similar. Here is

I had been called Homestead Tech Support to have answer to this. Its been 2 weeks that I had been waited to have that single-click apps. For my understanding that, BigCommerce have been working on OAuth Login System, My store has not actually been migrated over to OAuth yet, but when this does happen the single click apps will be available to me. I had been called to Homestead Tech Support or BigCommerce Tech Support to resolve my problem, What is really going on with this? Whenever I login my store url admin, I don't see large pop-up verify e-mail to access in. I don't see any change into control panel, such as no app's tab on the left side to access to my app store into control panel. Are you fixing with my store's OAuth? When are you give out OAuth to my store?

BigCommerce told me that, Next time that you log in and are prompted to verify your email, please do so, then log out and log back in with that email. This should enable OAuth in your store. I had done this, I don't see anything in there?

I don't see any large pop-up verify e-mail in there, before I log in. So, I did put my e-mail and password, then log in. I don't see single click app in control panel. I did log out even, I don't see Large pop-up verify e-mail for OAuth. Is there something wrong with my login system?

Please help with my problem issues. I need that single-click app, or I lose my business "Time and Money" Let me know then. Leave here a comment to help me.



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