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Sat, Dec 14, 2013 10:21 PM


How can I sell coupon codes?

You can set up products to sell your coupon codes, rather than give them away for free, if you like. It requires that you create coupon codes and downloadable products to sell the coupons.

1.) Login to your store's control panel.
2.) Click on Marketing, and then Coupon Codes.
3.) Click the Create a Coupon Code button to create your coupon. Please visit this article for more information on coupon codes.
4.) Once you've created your coupon, save it.
5.) Copy the code from the box.
6.) Open a text-editing program on your computer, such as Notepad or TextEdit.
7.) Paste the code into the file, and Save it on your computer. We recommend saving as a .txt file to ensure compatibility with all your customers.
8.) Now, we'll create the downloadable product.
9.) Click on Products and then Add a Product.
10.) Fill out the necessary information for your product, and make sure to change the Product Type to Downloadable Product.
11.) A new tab will display called Product Files. Click on it.
12.) Upload the txt file you created in steps 6 & 7, and restrict the download as you wish.
13.) Once you're done creating your product, click Save & Exit.

You now are selling that coupon as a product.

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