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Sat, Dec 7, 2013 9:13 PM


How can I categorize my products by brand name?

Just like in a brick and mortar store, people like to shop online for their favorite brand names, such as Apple, Nike, Calvin Klein, etc. You can add brands to your store and then categorize your products by brand. Doing this allows your web site visitors to browse products by brand instead of by category or by searching. To add brands to your store and categorize your products by brand, follow these steps:

Creating Brands
1. Click Products at the top of the control panel, and then choose View Brands. 643-view-brands.png

2. Click the Add a Brand button. 643-add-brand.png

3. Type in the names of the brands you want to add to your store.  You need to type in each separate brand name on a new line. Click save when you're done. 643-brand-names.png

Associating Products with Brands
Now that you've created the Brands inside your store, you'll need to associate your products with their brands. Here are the steps to do this.

4. Add a new brand to your store as outlined above.

5. Click on Products, and then View Products and then click on Edit for the product you want to assign a brand.



6. On the Edit a Product page, click the Other Details tab.


7. Choose a brand from the Brand Names list or type a new brand into the text box


8. Click Save & Exit and your product will now be assigned to the brand you selected.

When your store contains one or more brands the Shop by Brand section will appear on your web site. Your visitors can then choose to browse products by their favorite brands instead of by category or by searching for products.

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