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Mon, Oct 28, 2013 10:52 PM


Bigcommerce Broken Search - Irrelevant Results - Need a quick fix to the way homestead search functions

With my transition into Bigcommerce I noticed its going to be very hard for my customers to find products the way they do now on my homestead site due to the way Bigcommerce search functions. They use search Algorithm like google using AND, OR, & NOT. Homestead uses just AND which is the best way to actually find what someones looking for (which is best for eccomerce type websites. In Bigcommerce if you type ..allis chalmers d14 side panel... it will bring everything up that matches each individual word meaning a few thousand results which most are irrelavent to what were searching for. But there should only be less than ten results. We need to be able to switch our search function to this if we want to. We are going to lose alot of customers due to not being able to find what there actually looking for. And also would be nice to have the option for customers to filter there results.

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