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Fri, Dec 13, 2019 1:48 PM


Windows client websites are not same as webbased editing sites

I have a couple sites that display content completely different in the windows client editing tool and the web client editing tool.  In most cases the web version is correct.  I even went to completely new windows box that the windows client has never been installed on and installed it and I still get a template that I never recall using in windows client while the web client displays my finished product.  How to I get the current website to populate the windows client version so I can work on it there?  Example is site.  I can provide screenshots if needed.

Oh yea, I'm having the same issue that a see others are having in the web client.  Changes to a site are not being published to the web after changes are made.  Have flushed DNS and removed caching, so it's not that.

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