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Sun, Apr 6, 2014 9:55 PM


Why do my editor and published sites not look the same?

By far the most common reason your site looks different in the editor than the published site is your browser cache. When you visit a site, the browser downloads the pages and files to your temporary internet files on your computer. If you visit the site again, the browser will first display from these local files, hence you don't see the changes.

To see if this is the problem, simply hit the f5 key on your keyboard. This tells the browser to go to the published site and download the page. Browsers are set check the live site for changes every so often, so this should not be an issue for your site visitors.

The second reason is that you have 2 of the same page. You might be editing 1 page, but the navigation menu links to the other. In the editor note which page you changed. On the live site, click on the link and then compare the page name in the address bar with the View page name.

If neither of these is the case, feel free to let us know and we will take a look. If you have multiple site, specify the site and page you are working on. Also, try to describe the discrepancies on the site.

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