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Tue, Mar 25, 2014 10:36 PM


Why are changes appearing on all of my pages?

Why are changes appearing on all of my pages? 

If you made changes to a page, but the change is showing
up on all pages, you need to edit the area of the page that appears on
all your pages. The yellow bar at the top of the page indicates you are
making changes that will appear on every page in your site. For example,
you would want your logo on every page but you probably don't want a
map of how to get to your business on every page. Follow the steps below
to undo changes that were made to all of your pages. You can easily see
everything that appears on a specific page, compared to what appears on
all pages. For more information, go to Can I show only the items that appear on all of my pages?.

  1. Click the heading icon on the toolbar.

  1. Click the element (like a text box, image,
    map, or video) that is appearing on all your pages. When you select the
    element, you will see a yellow or blue box around it.

  • If the box is yellow, the element is on every page.

  • If the box is blue, the element is only on the page you are currently working on.

To delete elements that are appearing on every page, you will only delete items that have yellow boxes around them.

  1. Click Cut in the toolbar.

  1. Click Return to Page.

  1. Make sure you are on the page that you want to place the element on. Click Paste.

  1. Repeat as needed.

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