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Sun, Jan 4, 2015 9:28 PM


When will things on Site Builder be back to normal "or better?"

>>Once we are completely in the new data center and the network guys have optimized it, things should get back to normal, or better.<<

I'm terribly weary of all the issues with Site Builder.  There's no new problems, just more of the same.  It's still slow, and I have problems even getting my pages to save.  (When it takes 3-4 attempts to save a page on a regular basis, that's not right.)  This is to say nothing of the lost revenue at Christmas time due to the inability to keep the web sites current!  (Couldn't this switch have been timed better????)  This has been more than unreasonable.  

I flat gave up with the desk top version of Site Builder after repeated attempts to remove and re-install.

I tried Wix and it was refreshingly functional.  However, I have years and years worth of work in my Homestead web sites.  I don't want to switch but fear I may need to.

I guess I'm grasping for something that will convince me to stay with Homestead rather than starting from scratch with another host.  Anyone?

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