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Fri, Oct 8, 2021 8:32 PM

Websites disappeared from Google


Not business sites so I'm not going to get an ulcer over it. But .....

I've just noticed that my sites no longer seem to register at all when doing a Google search .

Maybe I clicked something accidentally that's made them incognito - ?

Either way some help much appreciated. Thank you




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2 m ago


This is not anything that you've done. Google no longer indexes "" websites. They will only index domain names connected to websites. So, you would need to register a domain for any website that you wanted to show up on Google. 

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2 m ago

Thank you for taking the time. It's much appreciated.

That's a bit of a bombshell -even if it is probably very old news to most other people  !

I don't recall getting any notification from Homestead about it.

Unless it was mentioned in one of their ones that headlined a different subject.

Most of which are business site related,so I don't even bother opening them.

Anyhow,all rather academic.

3 choices now I suppose ...

1. Register domains

2. Satus quo [still niche sites,but now in a black hole. Very niche-chic lol  !]

3. Calling time on Homestead.