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Wed, Feb 5, 2020 5:06 PM


Website Builder -vs- Sitebuilder+

To Whom It May Concern: 

I was hoping to keep this letter "low-key", but it appears this is the only forum I can voice my concerns, ideas and complaints.  So here goes:

I recently converted my
website ( from Sitebuilder+ to Website Builder and there are several features that Sitebuilder + had that I miss with Website Builder.  I have been a Homestead client for a little over 9 years and I have 5 websites registered with Homestead, but I'm somewhat troubled with the lack of certain features in Website Builder.  Here is a list: 

1)  Mouse Tool-Tips (called "ALT text" in Sitebuilder+) for Links associated with Images/Objects.  I feel this is an important feature for site visitors to know what to expect when they hover over text, an image or an object. 

2) I have not found a way to copy a single text box from one page to another.  I can select a text box and an object, or 2 individual text boxes and copy them to another page, but copying a single text box to another page is apparently not allowed. 

3)  You have removed the ability to create a "Custom Form" (as was a nice feature in Sitebuilder+) so I am building my necessary forms at and linking them to my website.  This is working well for me... so far. 

4)  Anchor Links cannot be referenced from one page to another.  Apparently, Anchor Links can only be used and referenced on the page where it is created.  I would like to be able to create an Anchor Link on a particular page, then refer to that same Anchor Link on a different page or even externally... like as a link in an email.  I could do this in Sitebuilder+. 

5)  There is no Guest Book as in Sitebuilder+, so I PDF'd my Guest Book from Sitebuilder+ and linked the PDF with a "View Entries" button on a page in Website Builder.  Also, I created a Sign In form at for site visitors to "sign" the Guest Book.  When a visitor "signs" the Guest Book, I receive an email from Cognito and I manually transfer the Cognito form data to the Guest Book PDF then re-upload it to Website Builder.  It's a little extra work for me, but at least I still have a Guest Book for site visitors.

6)  There is no File Manager as there was in Sitebuilder+.  When a new file is uploaded, only the File Name appears in the Element Content viewer (no created date, no file size, no published date, etc.).  This takes me to my next issue with Website Builder... I cannot "replace" (overwrite) an image or document.  Frequently, my linked PDF's are updated and in Sitebuilder+ all I had to do was upload the updated files and when asked if I want to overwrite the existing file, I clicked the "Yes" or "Yes to All" button and the old image or document was automatically updated with the new image or PDF data.  Website Builder allows multiple files with the same name (which blows me away!) and if I upload files with the same name, I cannot tell which is the old file and which one is the new file because there is no file info available in the Element Content viewer.  The only work-around I've found is to first delete the "old" file then upload the "new" file, and then re-establish the link, which is extra (and unnecessary) work in my humble opinion.  I don't know how you would fix this issue, but I feel it's something you should look into, as file management is somewhat confusing and in some cases, ambiguous. 

7)  The Inactivity timer is WAY too short!!!  What do you consider "inactivity"?  If I'm moving images around on a page, or typing text, or adding and re-sizing objects, is that not "activity"?  It seems if I don't Save the page more often than every 5 minutes, I get logged out!  I'm sure there is a quasi-valid reason for such a short Inactivity timer, but there should be a Warning Pop-up to let me know I'm about to be logged off.  Or, rather than having an Inactivity timer, how about this... Is it possible to incorporate a user-defined "Auto-Save" feature for as long as I'm logged in to Website Builder?  That would be a Real Plus!!!  Because of inherent Internet fluctuation, drop-outs and in some areas of the country, instability, a lot of on-line editors incorporate some sort of auto-save feature... something for you to think about :o) 

8)  Finally, I'm having a real issue with Text Colors.  There are 5 color bands in the palettes, but what band controls which form of text?  And how can one change the color of the individual bands?  None of the color palette presets have the text colors I want to use and I have not found a guide on how to change the individual bands.  Perhaps I'm just stupid, but the color palettes are practically useless to me.  I am continuously having to change the text color to my desired color as I can find no way to set a 'default' color.  When I create a text link, the text color changes to some shade of gray and I have to manually change color to my desired text color.  Whenever possible, I copy and paste (duplicate) a text box, then type new information into the new text box... again, another work-around, but at least this allows me to retain the same text color (as well as the font, size and alignment) from one text box to another. 

I would have thought that Website Builder would, as a minimum, incorporate all the features currently available in Sitebuilder+ plus enhancements since Sitebuilder's inception, but sadly that does not appear to be the case.  

Now in your defense:  The Image Gallery and Video elements are GREAT!!  Much larger and Much smoother than Sitebuilder+!!  I miss the alignment tools and I guess there is a way to "group" text boxes and/or objects and images, but most all items will "snap" to other items/objects fairly easily and I'm getting used to that.  So, other than the issues I have identified above and the Section A pop-up always being in the way of viewing and editing the entire page, (let ME decide when I need access to the Section A pop-up!) I'm really liking Website Builder.  It is Much Faster and Much More Efficient than Sitebuilder+ especially for large websites such as my USS Annapolis website. 


Bob Turner

USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) Webmaster


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