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Mon, Oct 4, 2021 11:09 PM

Videos in my website

Can I embed YouTube videos into my website?
If so can I buy additional bandwidth?

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2 m ago

1. Select Insert > YouTube Video > copy and paste the URL into the YouTube Video Settings > Select play options, position and size > save and publish.
2. Select Insert > More > HTML > copy and paste the html code > position and size using HTML Settings > save and publish.
If you're uploading a *.mov file, this requires a Quick Time player to be on your computer to view the file, you can try converting it to another video format file. You can use this guide:
Have you tried to use the You Tube embed code when using the HTML option?
I recommend adding the video via YouTube.

Here are instructions on how to upload a Youtube video to Sitebuilder plus

These are instructions for WebsiteBuilder

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You can definitely embed Youtube videos to your site.

For Sitebuilder Plus:

Sitebuilder Plus: Add a Youtube Video | Homestead Community

For WebsiteBuilder:

WebsiteBuilder: Add Media Files | Homestead Community

You most likely don't need to, but if you feel it would be better to increase your bandwidth, you can do so by going to Account > Account Summary > Get More Add-ons