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Mon, Jan 29, 2018 2:15 PM


Updating difficulties and problems in text boxes

Changing fonts, format, deleting, adding and modifying in a text box has all sorts of problems.  Especially when I use paragraph levelling using the dot.  For example. if I have multiple entries and select them all to change the font size.  It won't do it.  Sometimes it does the first line and not the rest.  Another example.  If I want to delete part of a line, it may delete the word before the selected text, or after, joint two lines together, restructure the text or do unexpected and unwanted actions.  This is a serious problem.   Sometimes it works like a charm but other times it is a pain in the butt and it is impossible to modify a text box.  Moreover, the undo will not always work to correct the unwanted action and I have to exit the page and start over again. More frustrating is that I cannot either copy formatted text from another text box because this "strange" idea of having to paste the text into another window and copy it back to the page is useless because it looses the formatting. Could it be because I use Edge instead of Chrome of Explorer?.  

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