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Sun, Sep 15, 2013 9:55 PM

Unauthorized ads and hyperlinks have appeared on my website. Why?

If you suddenly see ads and links appearing on your website pages when you didn't place them there, the reason is that you have installed an add on to your browser that is causing this.  Most of the offenders I have seen have been toolbars.  How do they get installed?  Usually you are installing another program that you need or want, and don't notice in all the "Next" buttons you have to click, that you are actually authorizing other programs to be installed..

You can fix this on your computer by finding and disabling the offending add on.  This is pretty much a trial and error process, but I recommend you disable toolbars first.  The add on management is different in each browser, so if you are not sure where the settings are, use your browser's help center.

Click the link below for an article from an anti spam site.



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