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Tue, Sep 28, 2021 2:16 AM

The menu has been altered and is no longer visible and cannot be reverted back to due storage limits

I was modifying my menu navigation bar on my homepage and accidentally changed it to vertical rather than horizontal. When I fixed the error on the homepage, I was shocked to see that all the pages had switched to this erroneous vertical menu bar, EVEN the pages that I cannot edit due to the error message that states "The total files that you want to publish exceeds your available disk space." So, I CANNOT edit nor publish these pages, but Homestead CAN edit and modify the page with an obviously erroneously placed menu navigation bar?!?

I am not trying to add, nor edit these few pages on our site. I simply need a navigation bar that is visible and usable for our clientele. Can someone please help me correct the navigation menu bar on the few pages that I cannot modify/publish, so that my clients can actually navigate the site? This is ridiculous.

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The amount of files that are trying to publish exceeds the amount allowed for your account. You would either need to go through your file manager and delete files you no longer need to free up space or add additional disk space to your account. This would be a $2/month addition, or $24/year.