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Wed, Sep 4, 2013 8:04 PM


Some ideas for the designers/programmers of Homestead

I have several thoughts on how it would be easier, at least for me, to work on my pages. (1) I would like to be able to make the font type, size and color a default that I use on every page. I currently have to enter that information every time I open a text block. (2) I would like to be able to go into File Manage and see which pictures are still currently being used on pages and be able to delete those that are not being used. (3) I would like to edit a page by adding a lot of pictures and text in the middle of the page without having to physically move every picture and text block below the insert in order to fit something new in. I hope some of these thoughts might be possible and would help others. I really love Homestead and get lots of compliments on my website. It has been fun building it and keeping it current. Thank you for your help.

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