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Sat, Jul 20, 2013 5:38 PM


Some ideas for Sitebuilder Plus

Drew please don't take this as offensive i'd much rather comment and hope they take it to heart if they are going towards online plus vs desktop.

When i switched the main things i disliked (and i liked the idea of a webbased version of sitebuilder) but these few main big things i saw as red flags.

First everytime you open a page and edit it it automatically put a homestead footer ad on the bottom of each page, i saw no way to turn that option off (if I am incorrect on that lmk) that is annoying and not necessary if I want that let me choose it vs applying it automatically.

Second, you can't work in multiple pages, in quite a few of my sites i want to carry something from one page to another so in sitebuilder desktop I have 3-4-5-6 pages open at once (in tabs) i saw no way to do this in the online version making things a bit slower to move things around if desired.

Third when you publish something you get that annoying popup about sharing it socially, i saw no way to turn that off either (annoying if you are doing a lot of editing) and again should have a way to turn that OFF vs being default.

Unless I am missing something I sure couldn't figure out how to turn those things off at least, I am sure in some corporate meeting they thought yes brand each page and yes include social media popus but to the end user (myself) it's annoying as heck!

I spent about an hr using it after they told me to just switch and i was ok with the switch but not with how the program worked vs the desktop version, those main things above are what i experienced right off the bat I didn't dig too deeply into it due to those glaring things to start, if you guys are focusing on the plus builder fix those things before you ask members like myself from the old days (i was with homestead when pages were free even).

I am not opposed to change or using an online editor just make it more like the desktop version and remove the spam and I am there.

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Why is Homestead asking me to Upgrade to Publish my Website? topic.

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