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Fri, Feb 27, 2015 1:10 AM


Sitebuilder Error Messages-Non-intermittent but for three days straight now

I have been working on an extensive addition to one of my homestead websites for the last three days and have been getting error messages every couple of minutes-for three days straight! Error messages every couple of minutes x 10 hours a day for three days = very annoying. There are two different error messages showing up. One every single time I save my changes (every couple of minutes) and the other is every other time I try to publish the changes it is showing a server error. I checked the status blog and nothing is noted. Better communication would be greatly appreciated. Websites are not a past-time hobby for everyone, they are a full-time income for many people and it is crucial to know when there are issues so that we can pass that communication along to our own customers. Your lack of communication about server errors with your customers(me) transfers into poor communication with mine. I switched from Yahoo sitebuilder to Homestead over 12 years ago and for the last six months, it has been terrible. I can work with the upgrades that you are making...but I need to be made aware of them so that I can work with it. Poor communication is the #1 customer complaint among ALL industries nationwide. I expect better than the norm from an Intuit company. As a Homestead websites, Quickbooks, AND Turbotax customer of over 12 years, I find this very disappointing.

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