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Tue, Mar 12, 2013 10:32 PM


Professinal Web Designers - How can we help Homestead step up to the plate?

I've been working with, and LOVING Homestead for over ten years. I have over 50 websites, clients who depend on me and I don't want to have to find an alternative.

In Hawaii, we have a concept called ALOHA....I know all of us, believe me, including me, have been really angry and frustrated and fed up with the new things going on (or not) at Homestead.

AND, moving my sites to another server, where we don't have the same history of great support and things that can work, and the ability to provide websites to people who can't pay a fortune for them, would be more than frustrating and hard to do.

I know that for every frustrating thing Homestead has going on right now, they have a history of at least three things that have kept me here, believing in and supporting them for a decade.

What I know is that cheerleaders get more done than boos and naysaying and wishing them to go out of business, etc., etc., etc.

They have served us, meeting us where we needed them to be, and I say, let's all work together to cheer them on, and help where we can.

I'm talking here to the few I know who are like me...serving web clients, and building websites that work.

I know there are also people here to don't know that you have to purchase a URL to get your site to show up - Homestead support has to serve them too. That's one market they serve.

Let's band together, help one another, and give the support staff a break. Perhaps we could list the most important things we need them to focus on, and find out if and when they can address those things.

What do you think? Where thoughts go, things grow, and I for one don't want to encourage Homestead to fail. I Need them to show up. Let's help make it happen!

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