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Sun, Jan 22, 2017 10:22 AM


PDF not downloading

Hello... I've looked through all the help documents I can find here, and even following all the directions, I've not been able to post a link to a PDF file to be downloaded by a website visitor.  That said, the most recent such solution to a similar problem seems to have been posted 4 long years ago. 

In short, I've created a link to a PDF file that I'd like my visitors to be able to download.  However, whether or not I link an IMAGE (jpg) of the PDF, or simply a text link to the PDF, either way, it does nothing when clicked on. 

For some reason, this kind of thing DOES work with either a .zip file or a .sitx file.  But it doesn't seem to work with a PDF.  Your suggestions for how to make this work are greatly appreciated.

FYI, the page I'm working on is

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