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Wed, Feb 13, 2019 4:07 PM


Page password "bleeding" from one site to another using SiteBuilder Plus?

I'm a Homestead "dinosaur" using SiteBuilder Desktop since 2001(!!) I maintain half a dozen active websites using an old Windows Vista machine. I know, I know, but it is what it is. I also know that it won't last forever so some years back I was brave and was excited to try SiteBuilder Plus. Alas, at the time I found it clunky and since I had no real reason to switch, I didn't bother.

I decided to try again some months ago when I had the need to create another website. I decided to create it from scratch with SB Plus online. Fun! It would be much more convenient to edit from anywhere via a cloud-based system. I thought I'd have no file transfer issues since I had no files. I was starting fresh! I started climbing SB Plus learning curve. Not bad! I was liking it! On a laptop! From my desktop! Freedom! BUT BUT BUT... 

I soon hit a big, scary snag. After publishing a page or two from my new, Plus-built site I visited another current website of mine and was shocked when I was denied entry to a protected page because of an incorrect password. HUH?!?! I tried the password from the new site and it let me in. Yup, the password from a page on my new, SB Plus site had somehow bled over and infected my otherwise-healthy SB Desktop-built legacy website. YIKES! I quickly went into SB desktop, undid the damage individually page by page, and retreated swearing to forego Plus and die on my Desktop. I couldn't live with seemingly random cross-contamination.

I subsequently rebuilt that new website on the old tried-and-true SB Desktop and all is well. It seems to me, though, that I should report the problem and seek an answer or explanation. At very least, some advice and hand-holding to get me back to trying SP Plus again. I've got no desire to rebuild entire websites from scratch. I thought I was safe starting a new one from scratch, but... OUCH! Can't I mix old and new? (I realize that in this case, even the "new" Plus is old, am I. Thanks. JPZ

PS: Is "Websitebuilder" the same as the old desktop "SiteBuilder"? Where is "Websitebuilder"?

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