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Fri, Dec 5, 2014 5:00 AM


Organizing pages and files in a hierarchy

Other than for a very limited size site, it is always best to use good file management.  Good file management sets your page (or files) up so that you can access them without having to scroll through a long list of names for files.  You can organize them by a master subject or category description and then a subcategory section under that and then stick the file in the subcategory.  

This is file organization 101.  

Notice that you cannot do that using Sitebuilder Plus, but you can do it in the desktop sitebuilder. 

Be careful however of using both bits of software as there are some coordinating problems.  

If you are going to have, say, over 20 files, use the desktop sitebuilder.  If you are over 50 pages (files), I would say to definitely use the desktop!!!!  An example of how to do a hierarchy of files is under Computer Organization System Outline on my site

Good luck on having an easier to use site for organization, easier posting, and easier access.

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