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Thu, Jul 25, 2019 7:56 PM


Music clip audio file won't play after first round even though it's set on Continuous Play. Suggestions?

Using the older SiteBuilder Plus, but the Audio Player should still work, presumably. When you visit, a parody site of only one landing page designed to alert the locals in our community about the need to dredge our nationally renowned river, you should hear a calypso instrumental of 'Yellow Bird.' We hear it in Preview and when we hit Publish, but when we revisit the URL...nada. And yet we have the Audio Player set to 'Play Automatically' and 'Repeat Continuously' and 'Auto Load When Page is Viewed.' What's wrong? Anybody? (Thank you for considering this inquiry. We're hoping the answer isn't 'Upgrade to the next version of Sitebuilder.' Rrrrrrrrr...) ;)

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