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Fri, May 5, 2017 5:56 PM


Multiple people maintaining website

Our website is that of a small church and we have different people doing specific but generally different functions on the website.  For instance, one person loads audio files via the file manager and when that has happened, I provide the text and the link to access the file from one of the pages.  Our problem is that it would appear that we can both logon at the same time, with no warning that there are multiple people logged in.  I have done some limited reading of other posts and understand that allowing multiple people on the website manager is a difficult task for Homestead developers.  However, in our case, a simple warning a the time of the initial login would suffice, especially since we all have to use the same userid and password.  We just don't need to step on each others toes, perhaps corrupting parts of the website.  What can we do about this problem now, or can it be considered for some fix in the future?

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