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Sun, Dec 21, 2014 7:16 PM


Migration end date??????

It would nice if Homestead provided US their customers with an exact date that the migration is complete. I am very upset that my website is effected by this untimely update by Homestead. My pages are extremely slow and I have icons embedded in my pages which were not there before. These issues may not be as important to Homestead but as a small business owner who relies on my website for not only sales but professional in both looks and timing it IS important. No customer is going to wait an unimaginable amount of time for a website page to load and then upon seeing it if they do wait, they are welcomed with a website plagued with issues, which your company is responsible for. I'm tired of the apologies, I want action and results......period. As a long term paying customer, I am paying for top quality results, not inferior. Why was this work not done in a timely manner and why now when businesses rely on E-commerce from their website traffic? These messages of discontent NEED to be forwarded on to someone there who has a higher responsibility and hopefully more of a concern than the average media specialist who is giving us nothing other than lip service. I have paid a third party to route traffic to my website and now that investment is waisted and not only is my website effected but my investment is gone. Please let your customers know exactly when this work will be complete. 

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