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Thu, Dec 18, 2014 11:11 PM


I'm not going anywhere.........

Hi Drew, correct me if I am wrong:
Your have probably heard this saying "the Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!" Been there, done that, NOT always true!

You probably heard, lets Abandon Ship.....I say Why?
I like it here, so I am staying!

I heard "I'm Getting Out Of Here"......Where ya going?
You gonna start over from the beginning?
Who has time for that!?!
What are you going to take with you?
Your website creations, I think NOT!

When places like this set up shop, you are creating what you see using "their software!"
Which means you can't transfer your creations somewhere else, because you used "their software" to create it.

SiteBuilderPlus or SiteBuilder Desktop program allows you to create your own webpages,
and the current owners have proprietary ownership, meaning.....
It is theirs, not yours to keep, so they won't let you move it somewhere else!

I guess you can copy and paste some of your stuff, to another location,
but that would be very time consuming depending on how big your site is!

For example: I have years worth of "HTML codes" I created and saved in the past, 
that have been tested to work in here, that is another reason why I am not going anywhere!

I have waited this my wait continues! :-)
Peace Keith

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