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Sun, May 14, 2017 3:27 PM


If nothing else, Homestead is consistent!

I will give Homestead a trophy for consistency, but if I was Homestead I would not be the least bit proud for earning this particular trophy. I sat down here today fully expecting to NOT be able to log in to sitebuilder, and unfortunately i am not disappointed. Well, actually i am disappointed. But by now, i'm not surprised. When i phone in to support they like to use the dodge that i am the only one having this problem and it's all my fault for having a large site. But anyone coming here to the community sees very quickly that i am not alone. Misery doesn't love company, but it sure does poke a big hole in their attempt to put the blame on me! 

I don't enjoy coming here to bitch. I just want/need to be able to work on my site. And  i need/want/expect to get good, consistent, reliable service. Isn't that supposed to be part of what i am paying for every month? Homestead is obviously having some sort of problem here. How about paying overtime wages if necessary. Work over a weekend until the problem is fixed, instead of just sending the staff home on Friday evening to enjoy their weekend while we all just grind our teeth in anger and frustration!!!!

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