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Thu, Jan 22, 2015 4:36 AM


I think I accidentally deleted our blog?

I was working on the News section of our website where I use the Blog feature to add news articles from our Y. I was going to create a new page to link to from one of the articles and I find it easier to save a copy of the page, delete the elements from that page that I don't need and add in what I do than it is to create a new page (I hope that makes sense. Easier to start from a copy than to start with a blank slate)... So that is what I did, on the copy I had made of our News page (the Index under the "News" folder of our site.. I deleted the Blog element and clicked "Yes" instead of "No" for keeping it on other pages. I realized what I did right away, closed out that page and brought up the original News index hoping it hadn't actually deleted the Blog from every page I had it on. When I bring up the original News/Index.htm page it still shows the blog there and when I click on "Edit" it still shows all of our blogs posts... but it is no longer showing up on our website. I tried going back a few blog posts and hitting "Publish" again which didn't work (and I am hoping I didn't make it worse by doing so.) Inside of the blog element it now says, "Sorry, we're unable to load this blog." Please tell me there is some way to bring this back?? That is years of news information from our Y. 
Can you please help?? 
Thank you for your time! 

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