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Fri, Dec 12, 2014 5:26 AM


I Gotta Say, I'm Totally Confused, Befuddled, and Even Frustrated!

I have been told so many conflicting things about this "migration" problem that I honestly don't know who or what to even believe. I've been told (on Monday, Dec. 8th) that I could count on being able to again get back into sitebuilder plus by end of business the next day. THAT DIDN'T COME TRUE! I was told Wednesday morning (Dec. 10th) that I could take it to the bank that access would be restored between Thurs (the 11th) and Monday (the 15th). Then last nite, I read a post by Drew here on the community forum that access most likely wouldn't be restored until at least the end of December. You know, I can understand that any problems that anyone like me is experiencing because of this problem is of absolutely no concern to Homestead personnel. I have already lost out on what should have been my Christmas sales revenue. It's even possible that I will lose all of my customers because they aren't able to get any service from me now when they need it. 

I have one question that I would appreciate an honest, truthful answer to...WHEN IS THIS DARN NIGHTMARE GOING TO BE OVER?!?!?  I mean, really people.  This has ceased to be funny!!!

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