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Fri, Jul 11, 2014 4:57 PM


How can I save money by helping others?

Hi everyone,

We are running another contest.  We are asking you to review other Homestead websites.  Provide constructive feedback to improve the site for both looks and search engines.  The winner will receive a $100 credit on their account. If you're really good, you may also be elevated to a community champion, which could provide additional awards.

Please visit the feedback thread and review any site that you find.  Mike and I have reviewed a few sites in there already if you want some examples of what to look for.  The feedback topic also has links to a couple of topics at the top which will help you see what should be addressed.  It doesn't matter if it has already been reviewed or not.  The more information people get, the better.  Feel free to post your own site as well.  We do ask that you not review your own site.

We will be judging this contest after reviewing all entries.  We will be looking for both quality and quantity of reviews.  You can also keep a watch on the websites you review to see if they change after the reviews.  Feel free to update your review with comments on the changes.  A difficult balance in the review process is not to overwhelm a person.  If you see many things you would change, sometimes it is best to offer a couple of the most important suggestions and see what happens, then add smaller things after they have had a chance to make some updates.

This contest will run until July 31st.  We will announce the results on Friday August 1st.  This should give you all time to view, consider and post your thoughts.  It should also allow some folks to update their sites

Thank you

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