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Wed, Oct 17, 2012 3:10 PM


How can I link my website to another website?

Here are instructions to add a link to another website

  1. Click Websites Manager in the left navigation menu. Then, click Edit Site.

  2. Go to the page you want to add the link to another website. Then, double-click on the element that you'd like to link to another website. You can link text or images the same way. For this example, we'll show you how to link text to another website.

  3. With the text box selected, highlight the text that you want to be a link. Here's an example of selecting text:

  4. On the right, in Text Settings
  5. clickLink. You may have to scroll down to see the Link button.

  6. In the Link window:
    • What do you want to link to? Select URL (Web Address):. Enter the web address or specific page to link to in the URL field. We recommend copying the address for the website or page directly from the address bar in your browser.

    • How do you want the link to open? Select In another browser window.

    Note: If you select in the current browser window, your visitors will leave your page.

  7. Click OK. Then, Save and Publish your website to test the link on your live website.

Hope that helps!

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